04 Why is the train especially crowded on Monday?

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the 4th episode of Nightly. I am your host, Bryan but you can also call me Bosslee. How was your day today? It’s Monday over here in Singapore, so I’m kinda of suffering from Monday Blue. Like I ask myself why did the weekend go past so fast 🤣

So today I like to talk about traffic. Have you wonder why traffic are always higher on a Monday? I mean I always leave home on time but usually on Monday, it is extremely crowded. I’m not sure why. I tried to Google it but there are no answers for it. Maybe it’s because on Monday, everyone feels like it’s a new start of the week so waking up early and being on time is one of the  goal. However as the time progress through the week, you get worn out by work this being less motivated to be on time.

This is what I think, who do you think?

On top of this traffic thing, I also like to share the worst kind of person you hate on Monday, it’s those kind who comes up to you 30mins before you get off work and say “hey any chance of this being completed today?”

Of course not! It’s another half an hour to freedom. Why are you doing this to me? Plus rushing work will only mess things up. I had this very incident happened to me today, once the guy approached me and put forward the request. I replied “yes” I can do it but I can only give you the answer tml.

This is what I think, everyone should respect each others time. I’m not saying I’m not going to do the work, what I’m sharing is that I will do the work but I have time allocated for it.

How about you? How do you handle such a situation?

I love to hear your side of the stories.

03 Where are the pranks?

Hello everyone! This is Bosslee & Welcome to another episode of Nightly
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Now, today is 01 April 2018, so on top of all fake news on the web. There are also a lot of April Fool Jokes, especially by those from the tech companies. But one thing is interesting, it seems like there are less April fool pranks out there this year. I found two which are quite good.

  1. From Google.
    Google having “Where’s Wally” on Google Map. Which is a pretty fun game I must say. I tried it on desktop, but it is much more fun on mobile.

  2. Another one that I found that is pretty good is from Coca-cola

– Coca-cola’s released three new flavors
– avocado, sourdough and charcoal
– not only do they taste great, they are great for Instagram shots too

02 Graber

Hello everyone! Welcome to episode two of Nightly
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How are you doing tonight? You must be wondering why am I recording a podcast on a Sat night. Well, when you are over 30, very likely that you will not want to go out too late at night. It is very damaging for the body. It’s not like when you are in the twenties, you can go on days for not sleeping or maybe clubbing for two days straight. Once you are over 30, things start to change.

So less complaint and let us do the show!

Today, I like to share with you a story. By now you should know about the Grab and Uber merger in South East Asia. The news actually came out on the 26 Mar where Grab / Uber announced that as part of the acquisition, Uber will take a 27.5 per cent stake in Grab and Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi will join Grab’s board.

Shortly after this was announced, there were also clips about uber employees being ask leaving the office. So the PR was not very well done. There could have many reasons but I’m guessing it could be because the HR on both side was not prepared for it too.

Now our SG CCS aka Competition Commission of Singapore says that that it has “reasonable grounds” to suspect that the merger of Grab and Uber has infringed the Competition Act. It has also proposed interim measures to maintain market competition and invited the companies to present their positions before it decides whether to impose the measures.

This is like simi sai! The rumours have been going on for so long and CCS was not prepare for this? Anyway, how does it affect everyday people like you and me

First, we need to understand all businesses want to be monopoly and being it gives the sole provider more bargaining power. For example, for me, Grab have already won the game in Asia
When I was in VN/PH/MY/Th I have been using only Grab.

Second, how it affect us?
It’s not a good situation, there will be less promo codes for us and the price will go back to market level. However we do have a choice, we might not have the best public transportation but at least we can get to point to point.

Third, what’s next for grab?
I’m pretty sure you will agree with me is payments. For what it seems now, it looks like grab wants to your utility app. You take cab / bike and make payments with it. In the future, maybe having the options to do investments on it just like Alipay and Wepay in China. An app to do everything maybe except for social media.

As in all technology moving forward, either we reject it or accept it. We the people have the power to stop it no matter how big it becomes.

01 Nightly

Hello everyone! Welcome to the very first episode of Nightly!
My name is Bryan but you can also call me bosslee. My friends love to call me that!
All started because I did an IOT startup for 5 years, never really took off but I learn a ton of things from it. Right now I am a product manager in a local eCommerce company

On this  very first episode, It will be good if you can know me better so I’m going to share 3 things about me!

I just celebrated my 36th birthday last Sunday! 36 years into my life and I still have lots of things that I have yet to do. One of my wish is to build a 10M dollar company in the next 5 years!

I am now super into yoga. I do it daily in the morning. I follow the youtube channel Fightmaster Yoga. The 90 days yoga fix, you should try it. It is really good.

I am also a “Sudo” vegetarian, what do I mean by that?

To me, if I have a choice, I would go for all vegetables but if I am having a gathering and there is a need to consume some meat, I would take a little. I am not those hardcore vegan who says that if you eat meat, you are killing the animals. I mean everyone have their beliefs and calling

Last thing I like to share is that I am very into EDM too. I am very excited that SHW is back. If you have not check out the Youtube, you should. Three of my most listened DJs are Dash Berlin, Armin and W&W

Till the next episode,


Coming soon

Hello everyone! Welcome to the nightly show

My name is Bryan and I’m the host of the show

This is my “n” attempt of trying to make a podcast and now that anchor has made it so easy to make a podcast, there is no more excuse for me

Here’s a few interesting things to share about the show

  1. Why is it call nightly? Because this is record at night, singapore time
  2. In this show, we will be talking about life after work, we spend a huge time of our life working but never really pay attention to our life after work. We will be exploring stories,
  3. life after work, what do you do? Do you give yourself time to try out something new and all
  4. Sometimes, I will also talk about how am I going to get out of this rat race myself

So I love for you all to join me, please subscribe and I’m looking forward to hear your voice mail 🙂

LB71 – Traveling in Gobi desert with a Drone

This week, Chris is back from his trip from Gobi desert. Find out how he travels with all his gears in the desert. Also hear him shared about how he goes through his social media detox for two weeks.

Here’s a look at his drone videos. I bet after this,  you like to get a drone too.

In this podcast, we also talk about motivation, is it really important or would you consider disciplined more important? Also we talk about being a product manager. How is it like being a product manager and the decision you need to make.

LB70 – High Fat, Low Carb diet? How does it work?

What are your thoughts on High Fat, Low Carb diet?

This week we talked about

  • What is a Keto Diet?
  • Why you might like to quit your job right now?
  • Chris’s new toy: The Zhiyun Z1 Smooth C 3-Axis Electronic Handheld Gimbal
  • Are you actually a gentlemen?

LB69 – Nanyang Coldbrew is the best

Chris and I get back to podcasting. There is a bigger world outside tech and we want to talk about it. Forgive me for my metallic sound, I’m looking to get a better mic soon. If you have an introduction, do drop us an email.

This week we talked about

  • the all new iPad Pro 10.5
  • why bubble is the next best thing
  • how running is not helping you lost weight
  • how nanyang coffee beans can also be used for cold brew

And if you ever want to get into shape and win bets at the same time, this is the app.

LB68 – A brand new year

2017!!! Happy New Year everyone!

How was the New Year celebration for you all? For me, it’s more of a stay at home “family time”. It’s been a long time since Chris and I do up a show. So since we are free, we decided to a show together.

The topic of the show is “Past, Present, Future”. We talk about our past, the present and how we see the future. Here are a list of topics that we talked about.

  1. Find out what crazy decision I made in 30 Dec 2016 and what I’m looking to do in the coming year
  2. Find out what is Chris’s goal for Sphere in this brand new year
  3. Chris and I predict tech trends
    1. Live streaming
    2. AR/VR
    3. Chatbots
    4. Insurance Tech
  4. Arc Board EV: Chris got a Arc Board EV, produced by a group of Singapore. It is a kickstarter project. And you got to give them a hand because they are not doing this full time. The maple wood material is amazing.

Thanks for supporting us all these while, we love you guys.

sorry the sound of my fan

Bryan 🙂

BSN07 – Let’s talk Rubbish

Warning. This is an episode of me talking to myself.

IMG_2016-09-07 15:22:32No interviews, no specific topic. I talk about why BSN episode 7 came so late and how I got my motivation back.

When I was doing this episode, I was recording this on Bigo Live too.