21 Why you need to stop feeling guilty for leaving work on time

Hi everybody! Welcome to the 21th episode of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. In this podcast, I talked about life after work. Today the topic is about why you need to stop feeling guilty for leaving work on time. There is nothing wrong about leaving work on time even when your boss is still around. The important thing here is that you finished your task. If you task is done, you are good to go. Furthermore, staying late at work will give others the impression not to be respectful of your time…

20 Fasting Day 2, Google IO

Hello everyone! My name is Bosslee and I am your host. Welcome to the 20th episode of Nightly. Today many of my colleagues and friends went back to Malaysia to vote. #GE14 is now trending on Twitter too.
So today I would like to share you with my thoughts on fasting for day 2 and 8 big announcements from Google I/O 2018.

19 Intermittent Fasting, New S’pore Ride-Hailing Apps

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 19th episode of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. Today I would like to share my Day 1 experience of Intermittent Fasting and also my thoughts on the upcoming Ride-Hailing Apps that are coming to challenge Grab in Singapore.

18 May weather sucks, SMRT Comms Team and FBI

Hello everybody! Welcome to the 18th episode of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. How are you doing this amazing Sunday? It is interesting how we are able to wake up super early during the weekdays but when it comes to weekend, waking up at 7am is a struggle. Do you share the same?
So today I like to talk about three interesting topics
1/  May weather sucks
Yes. It is May already. If you did not notice; time flies. Whatever goals you set during your New Year Resolution, it should probably been broken by now. How do I know that because there is a study that 75% of New Year Resolutions are never kept. Anyway the news say that for the first two weeks of May, the daily temperature is expected to range between 25°C and 33°C. Sometimes in noon, it will hit a high of 35°C. On top of this crazy heat, there will be short-duration moderate to heavy thundery showers are expected mostly in the afternoon. Now I have to let you know that I am a believer of Climate Change and I believe all these crazy weather changes are due to our doing. So on a personal level, I would try to reuse, reduce and recycle. In fact, many people are doing that. One of the easiest thing we can do is to use less plastic bag 🙂
2/ A Night With the SMRT Communications Team
Read this article on Rice Media about the how the SMRT Communications Team work, the pressure they faced and bad names they get. Interesting coverage on how the team is working on the SMRT behind-the-scenes videos so that people are aware that they are actually doing something. I think lots of credit should be given to the SMRT engineering team. Yes, the management might have some issues but the guys on the ground are the ones making it happened. And oh, Rice Media is a pretty good read, I wonder who started it. Thumps up.
3/ FBI
FBI aka Facebook Investigator
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17 I'm 36 and I'm working in Tech

I’m 36 and I’m working in Tech or at least I think I am working in Tech. Hello everyone! My name is Bosslee and I am your host. Today, I like to talk about age and tech. There is this article on Bloomberg that talks about if you are the ages of 30, you are not welcome to the tech scene in China. Personally I think it is partial true because in Chinese the tech scene is booming, so there are a lot more candidates out there looking for that work. If you are above 30 with a family, honestly it is harder to compete with singles who are younger. However what you bring with you is the experience to help them grow. In this episode, I share my thoughts and I love to hear yours too.
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16 Direct to Consumers

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 16th episode of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. How is everyone doing today? Yesterday was a holiday and today is already mid-week, all we have to do is just endure another two days and it will be the weekends! So what do you do during weekend? For me, I usually use it for exercising and now because I signed up for AHM, I am using it for long runs.
So today topic is something very close to me. It is about this article by Inc titled: Over 400 Startups Are Trying to Become the Next Warby Parker. You see Warby Parker is an ecommerce business operating under the Direct to Consumer model. They build up a brand, removed the middleman and sell direct. Some very successful ones include, Warby itself, Dollar Shave Club, Casper, Away. This article talks about how some 400 startups are trying to bring down every consumer category. There is this particular category that I am super interested and it is the TCM category.
At least from Singapore perspective, it seems like there are only major retailers. Eu Yan Sang and Hock Hua. Eu Yan Sang positioning  itself more high end while Hock Hua more for the mass market. However the interesting thing is that they are not doing so well online. Maybe because it is herbs / or something that we have to eat so we need to touch and feel. If you think about it, shoes are also something we need to try but in the end Zappos is doing so well. The same is true for mattress. Capser is also able to sell online. Maybe the problem is not with physically touching the herbs.
The problem I have with them is why do they call the shots for how much a Yang Sheng should be? It seems like they have a monopoly to command the price for birds nest and ginsengs. I’m not sure if there are similar disrupter out there but I am certainly very interesting in changing this space. The challenge is that how do I start small and think big in this space? How can I win the giants?  I like to put this question forward, do you have any thoughts on this?
See you tml

14 Breaking the habits

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 14th episode of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host!  So I totally broke my chain of schedule on recording podcasts for the last few days. Episode 13 was on 22 April 2018. I am so ashamed of myself. I do not have a specific topic to discuss about today but like to casually share some of the thoughts on my mind
1/ Habits
Do you still remember that I spoke about the habit loop in episode 5? In that I talked about how to build a habit. The key is to keep doing the thing for 66 days and you will build a habit. I said that i did it for Yoga. You know arh, this week my effort almost all gone down the drain. I missed 3 days of my yoga morning routine and I only managed to make a podcast recording today. So ashamed of myself loh. This habit thing really cannot missed it, if you missed one you think that it is alright to missed another one and very soon, you lose your habit. So tonight, I die die have to create an episode even though I do not have a specific topic in mind
2/ North and South Korea vow to end the Korean War in historic accord
This is like how sudden, when I caught the video yesterday I am also a bit shock. Not that I do not support it, I am totally inline with peace for both countries. Just a bit shock. Anyway, the video of both leaders walking past each of the border is pretty cute, you see both leaders holding hands and that really means a lot. Of course, there are internet comments that are skeptics on this matter, thinking if Mr Kim is planning something else. Let’s hope not. As this is truly a great start for both countries. Imagine how much N.korea can grow when they open up to the world market. It will be like the Chinese in the 2000s.
3/ Don’t believe everything on the internet
Mothership SG has a story about influencers on instagram starting to share investment scheme. Especially the one about owning part of a durian plantations. You pay $1796.62 one-time off and you will get a percentage of the payback every year from the sale of the durians. Exact details, you have to read the article but just wanted to let you know that financial advisory services can only be done by licensed financial advisors. If it is too good to be true, it is fake
4/ Happiness Is a Choice You Make
I am listening to this audiobook about “Happiness Is a Choice You Make”
It talks about growing old gracefully, how there are always to have unexpected things that could happen. And many of the ads that sells you the dream of sailing at the age of 70, doing those crazy stuff at 80 are truth but that is a very small portion of people. Many are either suffering or being stuck in an nursing home.
“Living too long scared them; dying was the antidote to living too long.”
― John Leland, Happiness Is a Choice You Make: Lessons from a Year Among the Oldest Old
Sometimes maybe facing death is a better option over trying to save someone on the hospital bed but in the long run giving the person lots of pain.

13 Fame, Power and Status

Hello everyone! Welcome to the the 13th episode of Nightly! Today I am a bit sad. One of the EDM DJ that I like has pass away. For EDM fans I’m sure you are aware. DJ Avicii was found dead in Oman yesterday (21 April 2018). He produced some of the greatest hits in the EDM scene, one of it is the “Wake me up” which has 100 million played on Spotify but my personal favorite is “The Night”
“The Night” is an very interesting and meaningful song. I got to know this song from one of my student when I was doing adjunct lecturing. There are two parts of the lyrics that i especially resonate.
If you listen to the song on Youtube, the starting message is “… When I died, I want to be remember for the life I lived and not the money I made”
The 2nd part will be “One day you’ll leave this world behind, So live a life you will remember.”
I believe Avicii had made it happened. He is truly remembered for his great works. We are not o judged but we all know that when a rising star is popular, he/she faced lots of pressure with fame / power and status. This is a very interesting topic I think most of us are looking for fame / power and status.Honestly, I think everyone wants it, if you are listening and if you tell yourself that you are not into fame, power and status. You might be lying to yourself. The challenge here is how these artists handled the stress of sudden surge of fame. I have not experienced myself but documentaries on Netflix for Beetles / Madonna / Lady GaGa all had a past of taking drugs / excessive drinking to escape the pressure. While we are all trying to chase fame, we have to be ready when it truly comes.
The 2nd thing I like to share is the word YOLO. You only live once. We all talk about it, we think about it but some of us never really take action on it, at least from my perspective, And the song is a gentle nudge to it.

12 The worst kind of colleague

Welcome to the 12th episode of Nightly! How is everyone doing today?
Today, I like to talk about who do you think is the worst kind of colleague you can faced in office? Why am I talking about this? Because the politics in my office is too game strong plus recently I have been back-stabbed so I like to open up this topic and talk about it
I believe there are three kind of colleagues in office

  1. The steady kind – the ones who are team player and also super reliable. You know working with him/her they will not let you down. They also treat everyone with respect.
  2. The boot-licking brown-noser  – the ones who always suck up to the boss, they look down or don’t care about others who are lower ranked. They are shameless and are not concern about showing these actions in front of others
  3. The double headed snake – the back stabber kind, in front of you they say A, behind you they say B. This in my opinion is the worst kind of colleague because you do not know what they are trying to do, very sly and you have to be aware of them.  Go office work, already “sian liao” still have to beware of these kind of people. #reallysimisai

What are you? Who do you think is the worst type of colleague? Love to hear your thoughts.

10 Getting caught up in a busy world

Hello everyone! Welcome to A Nightly Show
My name is Bossle and a big welcome to the show
I’m actually recording this overseas now, my friends got me the S20 music festival ticket as my 36th birthday gift. I cannot wait for the main stage performance tonight.
So today, I like to answer a question before I start the topic of the day
Why are you doing this? By this, my friend is asking about this podcast.
Are there anyone listening to it? If not, why bother?
Well I really hope that I can be a real radio deejay, I am hoping that recording this podcast will help me train up my voice and maybe build up an audience
Now for the topic of the day, I think this is turning into a podcast about Chromebook
I wrote this script on flight, I really think that Chromebook is super awesome. Everything that I need to get done on a laptop, I can do it even while offline. As for entertainment, I realized that I can install Netflix on the Chromebook and watch the shows offline just like an Android devices. Here’s a hot tip for you, if you try to download Netflix via the Google Play store, it will tell you that the app is not compatible with this device.
However, what you can do is to download the APK of the Netflix app. Go to setting and allow for unsecured install. After this, install the Netflix APK and you are on your way to an awesome in flight entertainment experience.
Maybe a little last thing I like to share is, we need to give ourselves time to think about what we want to do with our lives. You see a year ago, I joined the company telling myself that I am going to use this time to think and see if I can make out any business idea. A year has past and I am still here without any concerte business idea or tried anything yet. So this year, I must try out things, test ideas. I am sure you share the same experience. You set out to do something, but the random things in life get caught up with you. You just dive into the mess of it and you forget about the goal of starting something. So a little suggestion to everyone, maybe taking a short break just to think about what you want to do in life is what you need.
Love to hear your views on this, you can find my @bybosslee on telegram

09 Back-stabbed & Money

Hello everyone! Welcome to Nightly and I am your host Bosslee. Last two days were not really good. I got back-stabbed in the office. There was a project and I shared some recommendations. The recommendations were agreed by everyone but because I did not send an email out, it was not official. As expected the recommendations did not really solve the problem and the blame came back to me. I’m not saying it is not my fault, I am saying that it is painful when everyone starts pointing at you
Ok. Enough ranting. This is corporate world what do we expect.
Today, I like to share about money…
Money while travelling, how do you save when you are travelling. Personally, I do not think you need a large budget to travel. A lot of it depends on the lifestyle that you are looking at. So I like to share 4 personal tips on how we save while we travel.

  1. Cooking while travelling
    • especially nice to do, because you get to experience more from shopping local plus you get to taste of home-cook food
  2. Do not buy any souvenirs
    • more of the time souvenirs end up on desk not being use
    • the best is to buy food / snacks
  3. Budget for your trip before your departure
    • This is a must, when you know how much you can spend, you know the style of travel you are heading for
  4. Book your air tickets with a credit card
    • I have friends who are super good at these, they get find the best credit card to get miles or cashback for their trip
    • For me, I am lazy. I just used one card. The OCBC 365 which give me a simple cashback of 3% for overseas purchases

How about you? How do you save during your travel?
Looking forward to hear from you all

08 Going Freestyle

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 8th episode of Nightly. This is Bosslee and I am your host. Today, I am going freestyle. No script and I am just going to speak my mind. The main topic in mind is Macbook vs Chromebook. I have been an Apple fan from 2006 till now but that is changing a bit. My Macbook Air ended it’s life last year November, after that I decided to take a different approach. I went for a Chromebook because I thought I was coding less and the main purpose of the tool was to surf net. Maybe do some blogging and now I am using the Chromebook for podcasting. So in this episode I shared some of my views on how Chromebook could be the next enterprise machine. 
Love to hear your views
You can find me on @bybosslee on Telegram or you can join this channel
Thanks for the support

07 Lose the battle, win the game

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 7th episode of Nightly. This is Bosslee and I am your host. Unfortunately, I wanted to make a recording at workplace yesterday but it did not take place because of time. Today is Saturday, how is your day coming along? Mine is doing ok, especially I stay up late yesterday night. Maybe the age is catching up, even though I slept late yesterday, I woke up early today. Like usual, maybe the body clock is in the work.
So today, I like to share a story of the experience I had yesterday. I went for paintball with the CX team. It was a really fun game and these kind of paintball games always taught me lots of things.

How was the game arranged?

It is broken down into 3 different rounds
The first round was 12 minutes, the goal was to press the buzzer right in the center of the field. On left is Team Black and on the right is Team Green. Each of us have a base.
The second and third round were 7 minutes each. This time the team was divided into terrorists and counter terrorists. Team Black was first the terrorists follow by Team Green. The goal of the terrorist team is to plant a bomb in a designated location and turn on an one minute timer. The goal of counter terrorists was to diffuse it. There were two designated locations to plant the bomb. One more easier to plant the bomb and the other was easier to diffuse. The terrorist team just need to plant the single bomb in either one of the location. Plus the planting of the bomb can only take place after 1 minute.

What did I learn?

I was in the green team. We lost the first game because we took a more defensive approach plus we did not had a good ground because we had lights shining towards us.
What we could have done is to rush to get the better grounds earlier. Because having better ground will also give us better cover. This is the situation kinda of like 孙子兵法.
So in round 2, Team Green was the counter terrorists. We took a more aggressive approach plus we had better planning. There are more coordination in the team. We have 4 man team guarding the location which is easier to plant bomb because we guess that Team Black would go for the easier option. The remaining of the team members were guarding the area that was harder to plant the bomb but we also hold the ground nearer to the area, giving us better coverage of the battlefield. We won this round.
Round 3. We were the terrorists. We followed the same plan to take on a more aggressive approach but this time round, we took the decision to aim at only the harder place to plant the bomb because we deem they might be arming more people to guard the opposite area. We were wrong on this and we end up losing the game. However we we had lots of fun in this, you see teammates rushing out shouting “go go go” like all of us have only a single goal and that is to win. That feeling feels really good even losing the game because it feels like a team United.
Have you all play these kind of paintball battles before? Love to hear your experiences!

06 Making a company work is like team sport

Hello everyone, Welcome to The Nightly Show! My name is Bosslee and I am your host. This is a talk show about life after work. We talk about the passion we pursue after our working hours and we talk about how to get out of the rat race! This is very important because nobody wants to be working for the big man all the time. The problem is that we always think about it but there are no action.
Now today I like share with you about a  team sport that I used to do and how I relate it work. The thing about team sport is that you need to work as a team. Duh, otherwise why would you call it a team sport. The team sport that I used to do was Dragonboat. There are different categories in Dragonboat, you can choose to row in a 10 or 20 man boat and depending if you are a right or left handed, you are assigned your seats.
Although we call it a 10/20 men boat but there are two additional person that are required to make the boat complete. It is the drummer and steerer. So in a 10 men boat race there are actually 12 men on it. So the core 10 men are like the engine, they are to make sure that the boat is moving. Now the role of drummer is to coordinate the rowing sequence of the rowers. If the rowers are not in sync, you can have the stringers man in the team but you will still lose. During my time, NJC Dragonboat team was the best. They are not like your typical Dragonboat rowers who are muscular and heavyweight. They are lean and light but they always outrow many other teams. Simply because they are rowing in sync. They have team work.
The steerer is also very important. They are responsible to keep the boat going the correct direction and keep the boat balance. Sometimes you might have more heavier people on the right side, so the steerer will stand on the left to counter the weight. Imagine your boat keeps going left and right, even your rowers will be tried after a short while. So everyone including the drummer, the engine and the steerer have to work together to win the race.
However, I don’t know why but often team win the race, they will often congratulate the 10 men who are the engine and sometimes forgetting about the drummer and steerer. Yes, these 10 men worked the hardest, they give all their energy to have their boat move as fast as possible but do not forget that it is the drummer and steerer that kept the boat in sync and correct direction. Plus there are times when a team lose, they will blame the drummer or the steerer for the bad drumming coordination / the little left and right swaying.
How do I relate this to work?
Drummer and steerer are like the operation team. They keep the company running and keeping the lights on. When a company is winning, first thing in their mind is the sales team or the commercial team. When a company is losing, first thing they think is the operations or maybe technology problem.

Do you see the similarity?

People forget that working in a company is like a team sport. Everyone needs to be working together. If anyone is not aligned, they should voiced out, they can choose to disagree but commit because we have to look at the company as a whole.
Leaders of the company should pay respect to the operations team. They should not forget that it’s the operations team that keeps the lights on.
What do you think? If you are in the operations team, do you experience the same thing? If you are the frontline / sales team? Ask yourself, when you win, do you remember about your operations team?