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Hello everyone! Welcome to the nightly show

My name is Bryan and I’m the host of the show

This is my “n” attempt of trying to make a podcast and now that anchor has made it so easy to make a podcast, there is no more excuse for me

Here’s a few interesting things to share about the show

  1. Why is it call nightly? Because this is record at night, singapore time
  2. In this show, we will be talking about life after work, we spend a huge time of our life working but never really pay attention to our life after work. We will be exploring stories,
  3. life after work, what do you do? Do you give yourself time to try out something new and all
  4. Sometimes, I will also talk about how am I going to get out of this rat race myself

So I love for you all to join me, please subscribe and I’m looking forward to hear your voice mail 🙂