12 The worst kind of colleague

Welcome to the 12th episode of Nightly! How is everyone doing today?

Today, I like to talk about who do you think is the worst kind of colleague you can faced in office? Why am I talking about this? Because the politics in my office is too game strong plus recently I have been back-stabbed so I like to open up this topic and talk about it

I believe there are three kind of colleagues in office

  1. The steady kind – the ones who are team player and also super reliable. You know working with him/her they will not let you down. They also treat everyone with respect.
  2. The boot-licking brown-noser  – the ones who always suck up to the boss, they look down or don’t care about others who are lower ranked. They are shameless and are not concern about showing these actions in front of others
  3. The double headed snake – the back stabber kind, in front of you they say A, behind you they say B. This in my opinion is the worst kind of colleague because you do not know what they are trying to do, very sly and you have to be aware of them.  Go office work, already “sian liao” still have to beware of these kind of people. #reallysimisai

What are you? Who do you think is the worst type of colleague? Love to hear your thoughts.