10 Getting caught up in a busy world

Hello everyone! Welcome to A Nightly Show

My name is Bossle and a big welcome to the show

I’m actually recording this overseas now, my friends got me the S20 music festival ticket as my 36th birthday gift. I cannot wait for the main stage performance tonight.


So today, I like to answer a question before I start the topic of the day

Why are you doing this? By this, my friend is asking about this podcast.

Are there anyone listening to it? If not, why bother?

Well I really hope that I can be a real radio deejay, I am hoping that recording this podcast will help me train up my voice and maybe build up an audience


Now for the topic of the day, I think this is turning into a podcast about Chromebook

I wrote this script on flight, I really think that Chromebook is super awesome. Everything that I need to get done on a laptop, I can do it even while offline. As for entertainment, I realized that I can install Netflix on the Chromebook and watch the shows offline just like an Android devices. Here’s a hot tip for you, if you try to download Netflix via the Google Play store, it will tell you that the app is not compatible with this device.

However, what you can do is to download the APK of the Netflix app. Go to setting and allow for unsecured install. After this, install the Netflix APK and you are on your way to an awesome in flight entertainment experience.

Maybe a little last thing I like to share is, we need to give ourselves time to think about what we want to do with our lives. You see a year ago, I joined the company telling myself that I am going to use this time to think and see if I can make out any business idea. A year has past and I am still here without any concerte business idea or tried anything yet. So this year, I must try out things, test ideas. I am sure you share the same experience. You set out to do something, but the random things in life get caught up with you. You just dive into the mess of it and you forget about the goal of starting something. So a little suggestion to everyone, maybe taking a short break just to think about what you want to do in life is what you need.

Love to hear your views on this, you can find my @bybosslee on telegram