09 Back-stabbed & Money

Hello everyone! Welcome to Nightly and I am your host Bosslee. Last two days were not really good. I got back-stabbed in the office. There was a project and I shared some recommendations. The recommendations were agreed by everyone but because I did not send an email out, it was not official. As expected the recommendations did not really solve the problem and the blame came back to me. I’m not saying it is not my fault, I am saying that it is painful when everyone starts pointing at you

Ok. Enough ranting. This is corporate world what do we expect.

Today, I like to share about money…

Money while travelling, how do you save when you are travelling. Personally, I do not think you need a large budget to travel. A lot of it depends on the lifestyle that you are looking at. So I like to share 4 personal tips on how we save while we travel.

  1. Cooking while travelling
    • especially nice to do, because you get to experience more from shopping local plus you get to taste of home-cook food
  2. Do not buy any souvenirs
    • more of the time souvenirs end up on desk not being use
    • the best is to buy food / snacks
  3. Budget for your trip before your departure
    • This is a must, when you know how much you can spend, you know the style of travel you are heading for
  4. Book your air tickets with a credit card
    • I have friends who are super good at these, they get find the best credit card to get miles or cashback for their trip
    • For me, I am lazy. I just used one card. The OCBC 365 which give me a simple cashback of 3% for overseas purchases

How about you? How do you save during your travel?

Looking forward to hear from you all