01 Nightly

Hello everyone! Welcome to the very first episode of Nightly!
My name is Bryan but you can also call me bosslee. My friends love to call me that!
All started because I did an IOT startup for 5 years, never really took off but I learn a ton of things from it. Right now I am a product manager in a local eCommerce company

On this  very first episode, It will be good if you can know me better so I’m going to share 3 things about me!

I just celebrated my 36th birthday last Sunday! 36 years into my life and I still have lots of things that I have yet to do. One of my wish is to build a 10M dollar company in the next 5 years!

I am now super into yoga. I do it daily in the morning. I follow the youtube channel Fightmaster Yoga. The 90 days yoga fix, you should try it. It is really good.

I am also a “Sudo” vegetarian, what do I mean by that?

To me, if I have a choice, I would go for all vegetables but if I am having a gathering and there is a need to consume some meat, I would take a little. I am not those hardcore vegan who says that if you eat meat, you are killing the animals. I mean everyone have their beliefs and calling

Last thing I like to share is that I am very into EDM too. I am very excited that SHW is back. If you have not check out the Youtube, you should. Three of my most listened DJs are Dash Berlin, Armin and W&W

Till the next episode,