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We start this show with a quote from Dr. Maya Angelou. She is hailed as one of the great voices of contemporary literature and as a remarkable Renaissance woman.1 In the video, she shares on finding her voice.

Why having your own voice?

I have been writing for 8 years now. From writing about my daily life to sharing my thoughts starting up a business. There are many articles out on the web that highlights the importance of content. I’m sure having great content helps. But many times, it is the personality that draws in the audience.

You have to know that your site/content/podcast/blog is an online version of you. It is a unique way of communicating your message, so that people knows it is from you. For example, my writing tends to have some typo and grammar mistakes. That’s my “style” and my readers are alright with it because they are able to understand the main message I’m sending in that very article.

So how do you find your voice?

  • Try and list out 3 of content creators or writers that you take inspiration from.
  • Ask yourselves these three questions
    • Does it sounds like you?
    • Would you read such article?
    • Do you enjoy creating such article?

Many writers start off  by referencing other writers as long as you maintain your own style.

Here are my three role models:

  1. Daring Fireball: The link writing kinda of style and main talks about tech. He does have very opinionated pieces at time. I like it because it message that is sending is short and sweet.

  2. Marco Arment: Kinda of like Daring Fireball, with many linked posts and occasional long pieces. He is the creator of instapaper and now runs a successful podcast. (You can see who I’m mimicking the most)

  3. Matt Gemmell: Beautiful clean writing, all long form. My favourite piece is this on Small screen productivity.

At the start, when I took reference from these writer, I failed badly because I was trying too hard and I end up copying. I was not sounding like me on my blog, I was different. So I took one approach that kinda of change the “style”. I be myself. I write what I want and do what I love.

You site is the “online” you. There can only be one you and Don’t force yourself to write in a certain tone if it feels unnatural. We talk lots of these in the podcast.

Now start writing your piece of you today, share the line with us on the comments we love to read it 😛


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