LB52 The Good And Bad Of Remote Working

This week we talk about working remotely. What are some the benefits of working remotely? What are some ways to help your team work remotely and remain accountable? Would we recommend working remotely?

Also I like to add if you are wondering what is Singlish all about. Here is the link.

‘Singlish,’ Singapore’s unique brand of colloquial English, is the linguistic product of a society whose official common language is English, but which comprises ethnic Chinese, Malays, and Indians in a ratio of roughly 7:2:1. Borrowing freely from various dialects for its vocabulary, grammatical structures and spoken accent, Singlish has evolved into a creole that often leaves uninitiated outsiders laughing, or reeling from incomprehension. Link

And finally, before you click the listen button. This is our episode, which also means that Chris and I have been podcasting for a year. Thank you so much for your support! We will me making some changes to the show and the site so stay tune.

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