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This week we talk about work life balance. What are some of the myths we hear from people about the life style of an entrepreneur? Is it really possible to maintain this balance if you want to succeed as a business? And we share our tips for keeping yourself from burning out too quickly. All this and more on today’s show.

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Startup Misconceptions – Entrepreneurs Have a Better Work-Life Balance: Myths about start up work life balance?

  • Myth #1: Entrepreneurship is the road to happiness.
  • Myth #2: You can work whatever hours you want.
  • Myth #3: You’ll have lots of time for your personal life.

Is it possible to maintain this balance: Silicon Valley: Work-Life Balance Is For Losers, Not Closers

Tips from us

  • Delegate! Find people who you can trust and delegate work to them
  • Allocate time/periods
  • Refresh yourself by learning something small


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