LB47 Building The Founding Team

This week we are talking about Building a Team for your Start up. What are the skills you need in your team? Can you outsource some of these roles? Why would having it done internally be better? All this and more coming up in the show.

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Here are some of our sharing?

What kind of talent are you recruiting?

  • Developers?
  • Sales?
  • Growth Hackers?
  • Designers?

We believe that it depends on the stage of startup you are in. At the start it is likely your focus would be on the developers. As you moved you, you might like to get marketers and sales staff.

We believe the challenge is not in determining the talents that you need but more to finding the right team member?

Where do you find them?

  • Events, would be a great place to start.
  • Facebook Group, such as iOS Dev Scouts or Hacker & Painters.
  • But the best kind of hire is referral.


The next challenge will be to determine if they are the correct fit for your team. It is hard to find the perfect member with just a single interview.

We believe that having a phase of testing each other out would be the best. S/he can access your startup and you too can access s/he. A typically testing out period would be 45 days. Assign them a task and see how they actually handle it.

Finally if it is impossible to get the correct talent at the start.


  • Intraix started out with outsourcing
  • the same goes for viddsee
  • there are advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing.

Ideally if the budget allows, I would not do it, unless otherwise outsourcing is the best way to get a business started.

Personally, I like freelancer, the reviews are better and the focus is much clearer. But the other two platforms does have more freelancers on it 😀


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