LB36 Microsoft is back

Microsoft is back. We talk about the Build Conference, the all new Windows Phone and also one of Chris favourite – the half Siri and half Google Now, Cortana.

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Hot This Week

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Events Coming Up

  1. AWS User Group Meetup, April 10, 6:30pm – Topic is Aggregating, storing and analysing your logs with: Fluentd + Kibana + Amazon EMR.
  2. Hue presentation by Enrico Bert, April 10, 6:30pm – Enrico Berti from Cloudera will be in town and would like to meet up with the Hadoop community. Enrico is the UI engineer for Hue and he will be doing a presentation on an introduction to Hue.
  3. Meetup #19: Automating Jenkins, April 10, 6:30pm – This talk is about bringing automation to Jenkins: how to make your Jenkins driven from your code, make and run efficient build pipelines from code and stop worrying that Jenkins instance goes down.
  4. PUGS April Meetup, April 16, 6:30pm
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