LB26-Show Must Go On

This week, I’m holding the fort for Chris. He is down with flu but the show must go on. So please pardon me for the lack of experinece of hosting the show.

Would love to hear feedback from you about my hosting.

Hot This Week

  1. mig33 to be acquired by Latin Gold; heading for reverse IPO – interesting
  2. Facebook co-founder joins online grocery store RedMart’s $5.4m funding round
  3. Some designers are grieving over Squarespace’s logo design tool – If you not design centric and on a budget, I’m sure you would love this service.
  4. Before you start a company, you better read this – Very good read if you are starting a company. Also there was a discussion on twitter that highlights that this is just the icing. link
  5. Backed With $9.8M From Mayfield, Fitmob Wants To Reinvent Local, Group Fitness > Very similar to what weight watchers are doing


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