LB23-Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

First podcast of the year, before we head straight into the tech news. Let’s start with something more personal and hopefully you will know us better 😀

Tips to better keeping your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. 4 Simple Ways To Better Keep Your New Year’s Resolution
  2. 10 Apps To Help TO Maintain That Motivation
  3. Maybe you do not need to have an New Year’s Resolution afterall

New Things Coming Your Way

  1. SEO Audit With @NgWeileen – Weileen did an awesome audit for UserScout and that help the founder Ariff understands the issues he had with his site. Traffic starts picking up after the changes and we decided to invite Weileen in to help us to do an audit too.
  2. If you are into games! We will be adding a brand new show Hearthstone Podcast too.


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