LB54 Who We Do Not Want!

If your startup is looking to hire, how would you be writing your job description?

What would you think of this?

This is only some parts of the image crop because we are not able to capture the full screen. So today, Chris and I talked about this issue in this podcast.

As developers this is the part that I think have gone over-board = Who we do not want

You are a shallow social climber whose dream is to work for Goldman Sachs because it “looks good on your CV”. You went to an Ivy League university because it would “look good on your CV”. But you couldn’t get into Goldman Sachs (or Citibank, or HSBC) because you actually have no passion for finance, just like how you want to buy that Louis Vuitton bag (because it will “look good on your social CV”) despite having no passion for design and craftsmanship. Guess what? If you were rejected by Goldman Sachs, you will be rejected by us too. For exactly the same reasons. Advice: try applying for a government job.

  1. I think there is nothing wrong in having a dream to work for Goldman Sachs. I have some really smart friends in there and they are loving it.
  2. Again the same is true for the government jobs, some really smart people are working in there too.

Our good friend Guochen wrote a blog post on it.

He wrote:  Those are two full pages of prejudices, discriminatory remarks and statements that shows how ugly this employer can get. I am a software engineer and i would NEVER work for this company ever. I would strongly advise every software engineer to stay clear of your company as well.

And personally I agreed with him. If you are thinking of writing a solid job description. Here is one inspiring piece by 37Signals. It is well written, answers every developers questions that they will have in mind and most importantly being humble.

You’ll teach me a few things and I’ll teach you a few things. We’ll both gain great experience. via Link

Or maybe Sugar was trying too hard