LB53 Say what you wanna say

We are Rebooting! We are Rebooting! We are Rebooting!

Why Rebooting  and How are we doing things differently?

First of all, both of us love podcasting and we been getting feedback. However we like to do more, we like to reach out to more entrepreneurs because we know entrepreneurship is a hard journey. Many things that you like to share, you would not want to share it in public. And all the entrepreneur porn that you read online are mainly written by journalist who aren’t entrepreneurs themselves.

Every once in a while, friends ask us. Why do this?

We want to be the real conversation for entrepreneurs. You know to talk read problems we faced and share business tips on how we can be better. Plus starting up and building a business is a tough process and we need to talk. Otherwise, it is easy to fall into startup depression.

If you are a business owner or looking to start one, we love to hear from you too. Here is a dedicate page for you to ask us anything.


What is the format going to be like?

We like to keep our show short and sweet but we might do our shows longer if there is a need for it. We aim for 2 shows in a week. 1 of the show will be talking about a topic for the week, for example currently right now a trending topic is how a startup wrote a bad description and how they got burned online. Another show will be on business tips, say if I setting up a site for info product or even opening a cafe, how can we set goals or achieve certain milestones.

During the show, we will also share the questions you have for us on ask us anything or feedback that you left it on the iTunes store.

Also, we are expanding 😀 we are looking for another host to join us. They say 3 brain is better than one. So if you think  you are up for it, you like to talk shit and sometimes business tips. This is the show for you.

There are no restrictions. *Say what you wanna say**

About us

In this reboot episode, Chris and I will share 5 things ourselves. We hope this will help you know us better 😀

Finally, if I could have 3 mins of you time. We would to get some feedback from you. If you could help us comment on iTunes it will fellow business builders to know us.