08-CTO Really

This is a super short week! So if you have taken 3 days of leave starting last friday, you would be enjoying a super long 10 days of holiday. But… that’s usually for those working in the corporate work. In the startup world, you are always working/selling.

We apologised for the late entry the week. Some technical issues came up and we doing our podcast this week at NUS Radio Pulze Thank you so much!

Also another great news, our podcast is now on iTunes! so please do support us and give us feedback. I also shared a post on how I build the launchbyte podcasting service

So this week in news

Topic of the week – CTO Really?

Startup founders, do we really need a CTO? or are you just looking for a developer? Could CTO be just a nicer name that you have your friend who knows tech work for you “free”?

App of the week – DOTs

This app is driving me crazy, it’s a free game and it’s really really addictive. Great if you are puzzles. Try beating yourself, or us. We have a high score as of writing 230.


Chris Cai – @anttyc Bryan Lee – @leetucksing