07-back it up

This week we start with our podcast with some awesome news coming out from our local tech scene.

Start ups in Asia

  1. YFind Acquisition – YFind is SIngapore’s 7th tech exit this year. Who is buying what? link
  2. Could Indoor GPS be an untapped market?
  3. RedMart series A funding – link

We tend to always say Singapore is too small a market – But it is a market we have intimate knowledge of and should aim to capture before expanding outwards – I think Singapore is unique in that we are a good test bed of early adopters and a clear audience to focus on.

Related: Why Aren’t many going for the Billion-Dollar Ideas in Singapore link

  1. Management and IT Security lapses found at several Singapore Government Agencies – link
  2. Ease Foreign labor restrictions and support crowdfunding – link

Back it Up!

Which of the following services do you use?
1. dropbox
2. google drive
3. sky drive

Bryan uses all three, while dropbox is the killer for Chris.


Chris Cai – @anttyc Bryan Lee – @leetucksing