06-build your own house

In this episode, Bryan shared his experinece on building his own blog and why anyone if possible should build your own space on the internet. While Chris shared his thoughts on startup outsourcing.


  1. Writing on medium: why is it bad link
    > If you’re writing on Medium, you should be doing it either because you A. Want to share something to as large an audience as possible, or B. you want your writing to gain exposure. Medium isn’t about ‘professional writers’, in the same way Twitter was never about the ideas of celebrities and CEOs. It’s a simple system for enabling communication in medium-length format.
  2. Startup Outsourcing link
    > Startups never should outsource their main advantage or the skill required to win in the market. If a team of founders believes product design will revolutionize mobile social networking, the team would blunder to outsource that design. Instead, the startup must cultivate a team to master that discipline.
  3. Do Things That Do Not Scale link
    We had a great discussion and this podcast ran slightly long.


Chris Cai – @anttyc Bryan Lee – @leetucksing