05-Opening Music

opening music

A big thank you to all the staff from Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC). Bryan’s had to go for her Cataract ops, in this podcast he share how he survived the week, handling the business operations, looking after his and worrying about the medical costs.


what’s a good web development language for starter?
We discussed about nodejs and rails. But Bryan ended up with Sinatra. Another awesome framework, that is simple and quick, kinda of an equivalent of express.js. Chris shared about his gripe with web apps.

startup gossip

where we discuss tech & startup articles

1.“Investable” vs “Employable”– if you are an angel investor which kind of startup founder would you invest in?

2.Bill-E – Bill-E, winner of startup weekend Jakarta – a simple receipt capture app, why won’t evernote or google make one?

Some useful expenses app discussed


why iOS is the best for starter to get into mobile development and programming

  1. ignore frontend – with Storyboards
  2. ignore backend – with Parse
  3. focus on code – learn from many tutorials
  4. impress girls – very much possible
  5. an app in 30days – checked
  6. iOS Libraries – steal from others

and on the topic of iOS, Chris shared his thoughts about the common mistake starter make in development. topic in discussion-Mistakes Clients make when building their app

free app, must download if you love text editor – used to be $4.99US now free

Day One – why Bryan might leave Evernote for Day Oneand this app is also killing it for Chris.

Startup/app of the week – blogwith.co

Do support our dear friend @athanhcong with his Evernote Devcup project.
Blogwith – makes blogging from evernote possible, no more copy and paste from evernote to your blog editor or use any relay services. Just sync from evernote and the post is right there (jekyll, tumblr , wordpress)
currently jekyll is up and tumblr is wip – do check it out


Chris Cai – @anttyc Bryan Lee – @leetucksing