04-Confused Developer

Google Reader dead, really?

Here are some of the alternatives we are using

  1. feedly
  2. digg reader

But if you are the kind of guy, who hates being tied to a particular platform – this is for you.
Go Read works and act exactly like Google Reader yet you own all the data.

nodejs or rails

Iā€™m looking to learn web development, after researching around, I narrowed down to rails and nodejs but which is the better one for starter like me? Below are some of the references we used in our discussions.

Ruby-On-Rails References

  1. What is Rails
  2. Rails Tutorials
  3. Rails Cast
  4. What is Ruby then?

Nodejs References

  1. What is nodejs
  2. Should I be learning nodejs
  3. JavaScript Tutorials
  4. or looking for something like ā€œLearn JavaScript The Hard Wayā€

Startup of The Week



Viddsee is an online social platform for people to find, share and talk about South East Asian Short films. Jian and Derek are the most passionate local film makers who have spent a significant part of their lives learning and making short films and last year they decided to take the step to build a platform to reach out to like minded people. They have been actively promoting themselves and partnered with short film festivals to showcase and promote film makers in Singapore and her neighbours. Check them out at viddsee.com and watch good films!


Chris Cai – @anttyc Bryan Lee – @leetucksing