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This week, we discuss about the productivity tools we use particularly to ToDo-Lists. There are so much Todo-list apps out there and many times, after downloading it, we often failed to complete the task we set for ourselves. If you faced the same problem as us, you will find this podcast interesting.

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Some of the other stuff that we discuss about and their relevant links.

sharing our experience of building the first app

Chris’s very first app was create for Audi, but because it is an corporate app there is no link for download.

Bryan’s first app – pomchek go where
So happy that people started using >

Instagram vs Vine

Video on Instagram
Vine, a new way to share video
Vine Sharing On Twitter Dips A Week After Instagram Video Debuts
Inline with Internet Trend 2013 by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers?

The report reviews the shifting online landscape, which has become more social and content rich, with expanded use of photos, video and audio.

If this is the case, how do smaller startups compete? When bigger companies (e.g. Instagram , Vine) steps into the space?

Evernote is a big company in note-taking and they celebrate their 5 years of remembering this month, still there are smaller apps, e.g. Vesper – a minimalist notes app from John Gruber and Brent Simmons that move into this space, because focus on a niche.

“Our goal was to make it such that, if a quick little thought entered your head that you might want to put in Vesper, the appeal of using the app would push you over the edge to do it, to put it in Vesper rather than just keep it in your head. A complete reduction of friction,”

In my opinion, Evernote is no longer an note taking app but a platform. And it’s the suite of products that supports it that makes it useful.

I spoke about simplenote in the podcast. I apologised for a wrong info, simplenote is produced by automattic they guys who brought you wordpress.com and many other awesome services.

todo-lists, which do you use

1. started with TeuxDeux
2. end up with AnyDo

1. started with wunderlist
2. end up with Apple’s native reminder app


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