02-It’s Hazy Here

haze monitoring apps

beside the “beautiful design” NEA app, here are some apps from the our local developers

  1. pee_S_ai by @anttyc
  2. psi by dev house replaid
  3. sg spi by dashsell

This is the official for you to get data not sure if you will find it useful NEA API because they are updated either monthly or daily.

interesting events/initiative started due to haze

  1. The PSI Is Right
  2. Group Purchase For N95 we have no links with alldealasia, and we do not take any form of commission. we just find it interesting so we share it here
  3. SG Haze Rescue – a community of Singaporeans offering air-conditioned spaces to individuals and families without such privileges. You can offer anything from a sleeping bag, couch, to a guesthouse.

3d printing for everyone?

  1. our local startup Pirate3D Inc successful campaign on kickstarter
  2. a story of a kick starter being too successful

using javascript for quick and dirty hack

  1. video – Chris uses node.js for his PSI hack.

Project management tools

  1. getting started with trello
  2. asana best practises


Chris Cai – @anttyc Bryan Lee – @leetucksing