31 A Rant 背黑锅

I shared about be being 背黑锅. In the role I’m in, I need to do some configuration on the system. These requests usually come from business stakeholders. This time round, I believe there is a miscommunication on both party but the fault falls on the person who do the configure. This is so WTF. #corporateshit

30 Aging gracefully & Manuka Honey


Hello everyone! Welcome to A Nightly Show, an audio log about an average Singapore trying to breakout of the rat race. Not all sunshine and rainbows here. Sometimes the show is like a drama. Today, the sharing is about Aging, handling stress and about Manuka Honey.

29 Facebook Live Auctions

Episode 29

Hello everyone!
Welcome to episode 29 of Nightly.

Nightly is a show about Life after work and also serves as my audio log about my journey out of the rat race.

My name is Bosslee and I am your host! How are you doing today? I made a stupid mistake today, I went for yoga class without bringing an additional top so I had a short sleeve shirt on during the class. ?

What trending Tuesday?
Facebook Live Auction
Not sure if you all got anything from there
I have not yet but most of my Facebook feed posts are Live Auctions.

This is a very interesting trend. Initially they were only selling kids shirts and all. Later on it moved to electronics, amulets, branded bags. I have also seen fresh food. I even have friend buying fresh seafood off from the auction. The host will take talk about the fish, people will bid competitively. To me this is is very much like those tv infomercials.

There are many to learn to from these auctioneers. They are able to move fast and break things. They do not care what kind of platform they use, their goal is only to sell. They have many tricks up their sleeves, asking for like and share in groups, doing lucky draws and sometimes using pretty ladies as their host. This is not to say that only having ladies have host will succeed. There are also auctions with male hosts who are super funny.

I like to say that they are the real entrepreneurs. They do not think too much, they work towards a single metric and that is to sell. Make money.

What do you think? Is your Facebook feed showing these live auctions, have you buy from these auctions. I love to hear from you.

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28 if you don’t use it, lose it

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 28th episode of Nightly! My name is bosslee and I am your host. Nightly is a podcast that talks about life after work and it also serves as my audio log. Today I’m talking about a lifestyle I’m pursuing and that’s minimalism.

Three things I learn from being an minimalist.

1/ it’s not cheap to be an minimalist because quality shirts that would last a life time cost you.

2/ it does not mean that you buy less and have less. It means only owing stuff that brings value to your life.

3/ Finally, my motto if you don’t use it, lose it. When you have less in your life, everything becomes easier. Easier to let go, easier to move around, easier to change.

27 Too many things on my plate

Welcome to the episode 27 of Nightly My name is Bossle and I am your host

It’s been a while since I did this show. The truth is I got lazy. This is like climbing a mountain. When you are preparing for it, you are super excited. but when you realised that you need to do the training so that you can complete the course, you get lazy. This is me right now. Plus recently, I got a little complacent and started to add more things to my plate.

Here are some of the things I am trying to juggle now

  • AHM in August
  • Learning Thai Basic 1
  • Yoga
  • Still trying to figure out how to make a passive income; either with 123Superherbs, selling stuff online
  • Added an e-commerce forum onto my plate
  • Still have to manage my work & of course family
  • Lastly I have this podcast itself

So trying to do too much and I need to start saying NO Plus having to face the music of giving up some stuff

Yes. I f**k up

So I’m going to remove away two things from my list

  • AHM
  • 123Superherbs

And adding deadlines

  • Nightly is going to stop at 100 episodes
  • e-commerce Forum project is going to be the focus for next 3 months 30 Sep

26 Learn Thai, Kim Trump & Buying Online

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the 26th Episode of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. Sa wa dee Krup! Learning Thai now and it sure is a very fun language to learn. I think learning a 3rd language is important beside that it is fun, it also helps to expand your opportunities. Also in this episode, I talked about Kim Trump Summit in Singapore. Super proud to be the nation to be hosting this. Finally talking about the buying behavior for large ticket item, do you use desktop or mobile?

25 Hongkong and Alibaba

Hello! Welcome to the 25th episode of Nightly. My name is bosslee and I am your host. Today, I like to share with you my recent Hongkong trip and also my experience of sourcing for suppliers on Alibaba.

24 Made my first sale, health and being jack of all trades

Hello everyone! This is bosslee here and I am your host. This podcast talks about life after work, sometimes I treat it like an outlet to destress. Today I’m sharing three things. 1/ I made my first sale from an ecommerce platform. 2/ I got my health report score card and 3/ how I avoid being jack of trades

23 Opportunities

Hello everyone, welcome to the 23rd episode of Nightly. My name is bosslee and I am your host. This podcast talks about life after work and shares the story on how I’m trying to get of the rat race. Kinda of like reality show. If you listen long enough, you will know probably my whole life story. Anyway today I got an opportunity to meet up with a business person running medical hall. It’s interesting to how she present the business to me

22 Time to quit, How about the risk?

Hello! Welcome to the 22nd episode of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. A year ago, when I started working for the Bossman. I told myslef, a year is the limit. A year has come and pass, I have not left the bossman. What happened? How can I better comprehend my risk on hand? How can I get back into my selling grove?

I keep asking myself
“if not now, when?”
“if not you, how?”
But the devil in me, keep saying. What about the risk?