23 Opportunities

Hello everyone, welcome to the 23rd episode of Nightly. My name is bosslee and I am your host. This podcast talks about life after work and shares the story on how I’m trying to get of the rat race. Kinda of like reality show. If you listen long enough, you will know probably my whole life story. Anyway today I got an opportunity to meet up with a business person running medical hall. It’s interesting to how she present the business to me

22 Time to quit, How about the risk?

Hello! Welcome to the 22nd episode of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. A year ago, when I started working for the Bossman. I told myslef, a year is the limit. A year has come and pass, I have not left the bossman. What happened? How can I better comprehend my risk on hand? How can I get back into my selling grove?

I keep asking myself
“if not now, when?”
“if not you, how?”
But the devil in me, keep saying. What about the risk?

21 Why you need to stop feeling guilty for leaving work on time

Hi everybody! Welcome to the 21th episode of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. In this podcast, I talked about life after work. Today the topic is about why you need to stop feeling guilty for leaving work on time. There is nothing wrong about leaving work on time even when your boss is still around. The important thing here is that you finished your task. If you task is done, you are good to go. Furthermore, staying late at work will give others the impression not to be respectful of your time…

18 May weather sucks, SMRT Comms Team and FBI

Hello everybody! Welcome to the 18th episode of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. How are you doing this amazing Sunday? It is interesting how we are able to wake up super early during the weekdays but when it comes to weekend, waking up at 7am is a struggle. Do you share the same?

So today I like to talk about three interesting topics


1/  May weather sucks
Yes. It is May already. If you did not notice; time flies. Whatever goals you set during your New Year Resolution, it should probably been broken by now. How do I know that because there is a study that 75% of New Year Resolutions are never kept. Anyway the news say that for the first two weeks of May, the daily temperature is expected to range between 25°C and 33°C. Sometimes in noon, it will hit a high of 35°C. On top of this crazy heat, there will be short-duration moderate to heavy thundery showers are expected mostly in the afternoon. Now I have to let you know that I am a believer of Climate Change and I believe all these crazy weather changes are due to our doing. So on a personal level, I would try to reuse, reduce and recycle. In fact, many people are doing that. One of the easiest thing we can do is to use less plastic bag 🙂


2/ A Night With the SMRT Communications Team

Read this article on Rice Media about the how the SMRT Communications Team work, the pressure they faced and bad names they get. Interesting coverage on how the team is working on the SMRT behind-the-scenes videos so that people are aware that they are actually doing something. I think lots of credit should be given to the SMRT engineering team. Yes, the management might have some issues but the guys on the ground are the ones making it happened. And oh, Rice Media is a pretty good read, I wonder who started it. Thumps up.


3/ FBI

FBI aka Facebook Investigator


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17 I’m 36 and I’m working in Tech

I’m 36 and I’m working in Tech or at least I think I am working in Tech. Hello everyone! My name is Bosslee and I am your host. Today, I like to talk about age and tech. There is this article on Bloomberg that talks about if you are the ages of 30, you are not welcome to the tech scene in China. Personally I think it is partial true because in Chinese the tech scene is booming, so there are a lot more candidates out there looking for that work. If you are above 30 with a family, honestly it is harder to compete with singles who are younger. However what you bring with you is the experience to help them grow. In this episode, I share my thoughts and I love to hear yours too.

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15 Vegetarians, Twitter Privacy & Keto diet

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 15th episode of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. How are you today? I’m sure today your office must be pretty empty too. Most of your colleagues would have taken an annual leave because it would give them a long weekend. Some might even take this opportunity to travel overseas.

Actually, come to think of it, do you think it is a good idea to take leave? I mean it is good because it would extend your holiday. By taking a day of leave, you would have Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues for travel. But if you think about it, many people would be doing the same. If you do not take leave and headed to office instead. It would also be a pretty relaxing day. What are your thoughts on this? It is the same as taking leaving on Friday. You see most of the people would want to take leave on Friday, because of have a extended long weekend. But if you think about it, if many people would try to take Friday off, this mean that there will be less people in office on a Friday, which could also means more relaxed environment and you can be using your leave for Monday. I love to take Monday – Tuesday.

Again love to hear your thoughts on this.

Now let me share my topics today. Today, I like to share about 3 things

1/ Vegetarians to go

Last weekend, I took to reddit and ask what are the vegetarians places that they would recommend in Singapore. Well the responses was unbelievable, I took the recommendations and compile it into a list on Google Map. This is the link -> https://goo.gl/maps/syxghR62x862

2/ Twitter also sold data access to Cambridge Analytica researcher

It was an one-time API purchased to access a random sample of public tweets from a five-month period between December 2014 and April 2015. Well if you are leaving Facebook for something else, maybe avoid Twitter too?

3/ Ketogenic Diet… Is Fat Good For You?

On my way back home today, I have been listening to this podcast on Ketogenic Diet. It is a high fat diet and strictly no carbs. If you are like me who is intro bread and biscuits, you can forget about it. In the podcast, a researcher was sharing how the diet was working amazingly for him. It keeps him more focus and he was able to do more. While on the other hand, a group of power walkers tried out the diet too but it did not go so well for them. The hypothesis is that power walking requires more energy and it is much easier to burn carbs plus it has more oxygen. While it is harder to burn fats and having less oxygen, it is not suitable for the athletes. Depending on how you see it, I personally is not a fan of this diet. I am thou exploring intermittent fasting. So let see if it works out. Finally this is the link -> https://overcast.fm/+FboHCcl1c

That’s all for today

If you are trying out certain diets, I love to know. If you are into Keto and it is working for you. I love to know too.

Talk again tml. Bye

14 Breaking the habits

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 14th episode of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host!  So I totally broke my chain of schedule on recording podcasts for the last few days. Episode 13 was on 22 April 2018. I am so ashamed of myself. I do not have a specific topic to discuss about today but like to casually share some of the thoughts on my mind

1/ Habits

Do you still remember that I spoke about the habit loop in episode 5? In that I talked about how to build a habit. The key is to keep doing the thing for 66 days and you will build a habit. I said that i did it for Yoga. You know arh, this week my effort almost all gone down the drain. I missed 3 days of my yoga morning routine and I only managed to make a podcast recording today. So ashamed of myself loh. This habit thing really cannot missed it, if you missed one you think that it is alright to missed another one and very soon, you lose your habit. So tonight, I die die have to create an episode even though I do not have a specific topic in mind

2/ North and South Korea vow to end the Korean War in historic accord

This is like how sudden, when I caught the video yesterday I am also a bit shock. Not that I do not support it, I am totally inline with peace for both countries. Just a bit shock. Anyway, the video of both leaders walking past each of the border is pretty cute, you see both leaders holding hands and that really means a lot. Of course, there are internet comments that are skeptics on this matter, thinking if Mr Kim is planning something else. Let’s hope not. As this is truly a great start for both countries. Imagine how much N.korea can grow when they open up to the world market. It will be like the Chinese in the 2000s.

3/ Don’t believe everything on the internet

Mothership SG has a story about influencers on instagram starting to share investment scheme. Especially the one about owning part of a durian plantations. You pay $1796.62 one-time off and you will get a percentage of the payback every year from the sale of the durians. Exact details, you have to read the article but just wanted to let you know that financial advisory services can only be done by licensed financial advisors. If it is too good to be true, it is fake

4/ Happiness Is a Choice You Make

I am listening to this audiobook about “Happiness Is a Choice You Make”

It talks about growing old gracefully, how there are always to have unexpected things that could happen. And many of the ads that sells you the dream of sailing at the age of 70, doing those crazy stuff at 80 are truth but that is a very small portion of people. Many are either suffering or being stuck in an nursing home.

“Living too long scared them; dying was the antidote to living too long.”

― John Leland, Happiness Is a Choice You Make: Lessons from a Year Among the Oldest Old

Sometimes maybe facing death is a better option over trying to save someone on the hospital bed but in the long run giving the person lots of pain.