Sometimes you wonder why is it not you

Writing this during my commuting to work. It’s 9:38 and I’m late for a call. But it does not matter because today I have plans to tell my boss I’m leaving. It’s not an easy conversation because I’m not leaving because of money, manager issues of such. It’s more of I’m looking to explore back … Continue reading Sometimes you wonder why is it not you

Obsessed with work-life balance

What it takes to truly bring harmony between personal and professional lives. There’s a lot of talk about the notion of work-life balance in the news recently. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s so elusive, or perhaps that it’s actually a misplace notion of wanting to “have it all”. For us here at LaunchByte who … Continue reading Obsessed with work-life balance

Insights from a 10-Year Productivity Journey

(image credit: Sean MacEntee) This post is a guest post from Launchbyte fan and recovering productivity geek Adrian Koh. Here, he shares what a productive life means to him like after 10 years of GTD-ing, and how he found the answer in an unexpected place. The Productive Me Ten Years Ago Like most people, I … Continue reading Insights from a 10-Year Productivity Journey

Free SSL To Improve Your SEO

CloudFlare a San Francisco-based Internet security provider is implementing Universal SSL for all customers, including those in the free tiers. If you are running a site and is looking to improve your SEO, this free service might just help you. So what is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. When you are surfing around on … Continue reading Free SSL To Improve Your SEO