35 Good partners are hard to find

Hello everyone! Welcome to episode 35 of Nightly. Nightly is a show that documents about the life after work and me sharing the journey of building a business on the side. Friends like to call me bosslee.

Good partners are hard to find
A fellow colleague had a last day yesterday, very sad that she left. We work super well together. So like to put it out here that it is not easy to find talented, trust worthy and like minded individual. It was amazing working with her and I wish her all the best for the next challenge.

Crushing it
Listened to the audiobook titled “Crushing it” by Gray Vee. To me this is a bit like self-help book. Because there are lots of motivation porn in it, but it does kickstart my internal fire and I started to be more active on social media promoting my personal brand.

One big problem I have is getting started because I think a lot. I think if I should be posting on WordPress or Squarespace. Should I have my own personal Facebook page? How about creating different accounts for different topics. Looking at my problem I understand that my main problem is that I do not know what to do and the best course of action to document all the things I want to try and let it connect. The next best thing I need to do is consistency. For example: 123superherbs.com is a site I started last year that talks about healthy chinese soup recipes. For 10 months, I have a video each week. However I stop in the holiday period and also due to work. That was a bad decision because the site is still bringing traffic and I am sure there can be a business around it.

So next step, take action.
If you are a Facebook person, you can follow my progress here
Looking forward to share more stuff with you all