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32 Daruma & workaholism

Hi everyone! Welcome to the 32 episode of Nightly.
Today is 15 July 2018. It is a Sunday and I just came back from my run.
I am very excited about tomorrow because finally the day has come for my tattoo session. I am finally getting my Daruma tomorrow. I made the booking in April and waited 3 months for this. Will be sharing more pictures on my instagram. The only question I have in mind is that if I should have it in “marker style” -> will check with artist tomorrow for his opinion.
That’s for tattoo. Today, I like to talk about workaholism. I got a friend who keeps working and can never leave his phone. I am a little concern that his work is consuming him. You see there are several factors that lead to overworking.

  • Motivational: Driven by intrinsic motivational is good. But if motivation is driven by fear from superior or company culture than it is not a good thing. Because you can never shut down
  • Cognitive: Workaholics finds it hard to disengage from work. Feel uncomfortable when they are on a break.
  • Behavioural: Workaholics tend to work beyond what is reasonably expected of them by their organization.

Most importantly we need to know that working 24/7 is not necessary a good thing. You do not give your brain a rest. How do you be more creative. Sometimes, the best idea comes when you are not thinking of it. In the end, you just end up being more stressful and you end up in a viscous cycle of producing bad work
I would not say that I am a workaholics. I was when I was running my own startup but not now. However, there was a period when I was stressed and I got myself into some wicked eczema. This was because it was the initial period I start reporting to the CEO. So I keep thinking of work and was very worry if I missed out stuff. That period, I keep myself 24/7 on the phone. It was shit.
Yoga and exercise help. I have learn that I cannot be engaged all the time. And you might want to do the same.

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