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29 Facebook Live Auctions

Episode 29
Hello everyone!
Welcome to episode 29 of Nightly.
Nightly is a show about Life after work and also serves as my audio log about my journey out of the rat race.
My name is Bosslee and I am your host! How are you doing today? I made a stupid mistake today, I went for yoga class without bringing an additional top so I had a short sleeve shirt on during the class. 🤣
What trending Tuesday?
Facebook Live Auction
Not sure if you all got anything from there
I have not yet but most of my Facebook feed posts are Live Auctions.
This is a very interesting trend. Initially they were only selling kids shirts and all. Later on it moved to electronics, amulets, branded bags. I have also seen fresh food. I even have friend buying fresh seafood off from the auction. The host will take talk about the fish, people will bid competitively. To me this is is very much like those tv infomercials.
There are many to learn to from these auctioneers. They are able to move fast and break things. They do not care what kind of platform they use, their goal is only to sell. They have many tricks up their sleeves, asking for like and share in groups, doing lucky draws and sometimes using pretty ladies as their host. This is not to say that only having ladies have host will succeed. There are also auctions with male hosts who are super funny.
I like to say that they are the real entrepreneurs. They do not think too much, they work towards a single metric and that is to sell. Make money.
What do you think? Is your Facebook feed showing these live auctions, have you buy from these auctions. I love to hear from you.
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