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27 Too many things on my plate

Welcome to the episode 27 of Nightly My name is Bossle and I am your host
It’s been a while since I did this show. The truth is I got lazy. This is like climbing a mountain. When you are preparing for it, you are super excited. but when you realised that you need to do the training so that you can complete the course, you get lazy. This is me right now. Plus recently, I got a little complacent and started to add more things to my plate.
Here are some of the things I am trying to juggle now

  • AHM in August
  • Learning Thai Basic 1
  • Yoga
  • Still trying to figure out how to make a passive income; either with 123Superherbs, selling stuff online
  • Added an e-commerce forum onto my plate
  • Still have to manage my work & of course family
  • Lastly I have this podcast itself

So trying to do too much and I need to start saying NO Plus having to face the music of giving up some stuff
Yes. I f**k up
So I’m going to remove away two things from my list

  • AHM
  • 123Superherbs

And adding deadlines

  • Nightly is going to stop at 100 episodes
  • e-commerce Forum project is going to be the focus for next 3 months 30 Sep

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