LB70 – High Fat, Low Carb diet? How does it work?

What are your thoughts on High Fat, Low Carb diet?

This week we talked about

  • What is a Keto Diet?
  • Why you might like to quit your job right now?
  • Chris’s new toy: The Zhiyun Z1 Smooth C 3-Axis Electronic Handheld Gimbal
  • Are you actually a gentlemen?

LB69 – Nanyang Coldbrew is the best

Chris and I get back to podcasting. There is a bigger world outside tech and we want to talk about it. Forgive me for my metallic sound, I’m looking to get a better mic soon. If you have an introduction, do drop us an email.

This week we talked about

  • the all new iPad Pro 10.5
  • why bubble is the next best thing
  • how running is not helping you lost weight
  • how nanyang coffee beans can also be used for cold brew

And if you ever want to get into shape and win bets at the same time, this is the app.