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Welcome to Wash Wash!

This is my “dunno how many donkey times” trying to start a vlog. Finally I discover that there is no better time than doing it while washing dishes / laundry! 

This is the article I share about in episode. Survive

While doing this episode, I realised that I cannot multitask because usually I wash my dishes quite fast but if I need to talk, it seems to pull my attention away.
Take away for this episode:

  • You hate your job and you envy people who are starting their own thing and are able to make a living

  • You are concern about making a living if you are starting your own thing

  • Stability is like a drug -> dunno who told me but I believe it is true. 

  • In life, there is always trade off. You are using your time as the bet for trade off.

  • How are you managing your time?

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