27 – Pushing Evernote To It’s Limit

This week, we chatted with Jason Frasca who loves pushing Evernote to it’s limit.

He is also an Optimizer. He loves solving technical, operational and business inefficiencies using his unique ability to deconstruct complex problems. He does this best by leveraging on technology to optimize business performance.

If you are looking to integrate Evernote into your business process, Jason would be the best person to consult.

You can find him on:
googleplus: Jason Frasca 

LB26-Show Must Go On

This week, I’m holding the fort for Chris. He is down with flu but the show must go on. So please pardon me for the lack of experinece of hosting the show.

Would love to hear feedback from you about my hosting.

Hot This Week

  1. mig33 to be acquired by Latin Gold; heading for reverse IPO – interesting
  2. Facebook co-founder joins online grocery store RedMart’s $5.4m funding round
  3. Some designers are grieving over Squarespace’s logo design tool – If you not design centric and on a budget, I’m sure you would love this service.
  4. Before you start a company, you better read this – Very good read if you are starting a company. Also there was a discussion on twitter that highlights that this is just the icing. link
  5. Backed With $9.8M From Mayfield, Fitmob Wants To Reinvent Local, Group Fitness > Very similar to what weight watchers are doing


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LB25-Chat With Tomboy Tarts

This week, we are going for a change! Instead of the regular tech news. We talk about the local podcast scene and we have fellow podcasters Tomboy Tards with us.

We talk and we laugh so hard that this episode reach over an hour. But if you are planning to start a podcast or wonder what podcasting is all about. This is the episode for you!

About Tomboy Tarts

Tomboy Tarts is a lifestyle brand helmed by two co-owners; Raven Lim and Persis Shanker.

Why Tomboy?

Classic tomboy greats like Katherine Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich and Amelia Earhart embodied the true meaning of what being a tomboy was. They were women who oozed a free spirit with confidence and style. Women who straddled both their feminine and masculine sides with ease. Women who embraced their unique style with courage and grace without having to conform to society’s stereotypes of women. These were the true tomboys; the classy, sexy ladies who were still ‘bad ass’ enough to break some rules while maintaining their independance. It’s these qualities that the team of Tomboy Tarts embraces and celebrates and it is their desire to share it with the rest of the world.

Where to find you?

And finally on itunes!. be warned, sometimes it’s explicit but you will laugh your head off…


Chris Cai – @anttyc Bryan Lee – @leetucksing

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LB24-Cast Away

This week, we are back to having our news section. We picked the tech news that are worth knowing so you are always at the forefront. We also chat about CES2014 and what we love about the new product releases.

To head straight to the news, go to 19:20

Weekly Tech News

  1. Apple is now on TaoBao
  2. In China you can now hail a taxi and pay the driver on WeChat
  3. Facebook Hit With Another Lawsuit After People Finally Catch On To False Likes
  4. Singapore-based couple app LoveByte introduces new Sticker Shop
  5. NDI trains Indonesia rural women to be solar lamp entrepreneurs
  6. DBS Bank is IBM’s first Watson customer in Asia


Chris Cai – @anttyc Bryan Lee – @leetucksing

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LB23-Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

First podcast of the year, before we head straight into the tech news. Let’s start with something more personal and hopefully you will know us better 😀

Tips to better keeping your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. 4 Simple Ways To Better Keep Your New Year’s Resolution
  2. 10 Apps To Help TO Maintain That Motivation
  3. Maybe you do not need to have an New Year’s Resolution afterall

New Things Coming Your Way

  1. SEO Audit With @NgWeileen – Weileen did an awesome audit for UserScout and that help the founder Ariff understands the issues he had with his site. Traffic starts picking up after the changes and we decided to invite Weileen in to help us to do an audit too.
  2. If you are into games! We will be adding a brand new show Hearthstone Podcast too.


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