12-The Big Shuffle

This week we talk about Yahoo being cool again and shed some opinion about tech blogs locally.


  1. Researchers have proved that dropbox can be hacked! Despite Dropbox’s Encryption and 2 factor authentication security measures, 2 researchers have reverse engineered and hacked Dropbox. Dropbox responded by saying “We appreciate the contributions of these researchers and everyone who helps keep Dropbox safe. However, we believe this research does not present a vulnerability in the Dropbox client. In the case outlined here, the user’s computer would first need to have been compromised in such a way that it would leave the entire computer, not just the user’s Dropbox, open to attacks across the board.”
  2. Apple has acquired data-compression technology start up AlgoTrim. The company describes itself as developing “advanced solutions for mobile devices within the fields of data compression, mobile imaging and video and computer graphics.”
  3. Tech in Asia raises series B funding and announced plans for expanding their team! We will talk about a little later.http://sgentrepreneurs.com/2013/08/27/tech-in-asia-raises-series-b-round-led-by-fenox-venture-capital/
  4. Twitter launches “Conversations View” to make it easier for users to read conversations between users.http://gigaom.com/2013/08/28/why-twitters-new-conversations-view-is-a-big-deal-and-why-it-matters-for-its-ipo/
  5. Local Motion, a California-based car sharing start up raised 6 million and Ex-Microsoft Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky joins them on the board. Lets hope his next demo is better than the one he did for Windows 8. http://www.fastcompany.com/3016433/with-6m-raised-ex-windows-chief-steven-sinofsky-joins-car-sharing-startup
  6. If you are a mailbox fan and like me have been wishing for better cloud search, they have just released an update that allows better searching of mail that is not on your device.http://9to5mac.com/2013/08/28/mailbox-updated-to-version-1-5-with-cloud-searching-per-account-signatures-and-more/
  7. An article from business insider says XiaoMi is clobbering Apple in China. XiaoMi is the company that developed MiUI, a forked version of Android that I personally used when I was on my Samsung Galaxy S1. They have sinced started manufacturing their own mobile phones and provide users with a great experience. http://www.businessinsider.com/xiaomi-phones-2013-8
  8. Samsung launches a tablet for kids
    Tablet sales have been dropping with the market getting staurated and Samsung has found a new target market. Kids! The tablet looks drop-proof and has a simplified UI that is perfect for capturing the younger market.http://www.forbes.com/sites/parmyolson/2013/08/27/samsung-launches-a-tablet-for-kids/
  9. Shopify lauches Point of Sales to unify online and brick and motar. This seems to be the right direction for the e-comm solution provider to breach the physical shop space.http://techcrunch.com/2013/08/28/shopify-launches-point-of-sale-system-to-unify-online-and-brick-and-mortar-retail/


Ballmer Leaving…

Or you can also relate Ballmer to the Ballmer’s Peak
ballmer peak

The Truth About Marissa Mayer: An Unauthorized Biography

Why we think Mayer is awesome..

  • Hype
  • Focus
  • User focus-ed in an age where user focus
  • Appeal to engineers
  • Paying a large sum of money to form her team 62Mil over 4 years for DeCastro

Get Help!

This is a segment where we talk about grants and other ways start ups can leverage on help provided by agencies on our generous island.
Work Pro

WorkPro is a one-stop programme to help employers undertake job redesign, improve work-life harmony, and to recruit and retain mature workers and back-to-work locals to meet their manpower needs.

Startup of the week

Canva is a simple web app that lets you create professional looking collaterals without having to know much about design! Check it out



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11-Fast Moving

What’s up?

Clean Code


Evernnote has partnered Singaporean Telco Starhub, giving post-paid Starhub customers a complimentary one-year Evernote Premium subscription. On top of that Evernote has released Video notes, an exclusive feature only for Starhub Subscribers. Starhub is getting aggressive with those partnerships.

  • Linkedin is now targeting Universities – With over 200 academic institutions adopting LinkedIn University pages, current and prospective students can now see what their University’s successful Alumi are up to, allowing students to contact alumni that they find interesting.
  • Carousell partners SPH – Carousell, the hottest mobile market place in Singapore, announced their partnership with SPH Magazines to launch SheShops Marketplace, cross promoting items listed in the Fashion and Beauty categories of Carousell to SheShops, which is targeted towards readers of herworldPLUS and other SPH Magazines. Already they have over 200k listings. Go team Carousell!
  • AdLatte launces in Thailand – AdLatte, an app that rewards you for paying attention to it’s partners advertisements has launched in Thailand. It’s an interesting concept where the User is directly rewarded with points for watching/reading ads and answering a simple quiz. These points can be used to redeem for coupons, gift cards and rebates among other things. It is available on Android and iOS.
  • MediaCorp launches new Food app that looks like Burpple – With the accompanying Zombie ad on TV, MediaCorp has launched 8 days eat. It has stirred some controversy online because of it is strikingly similar in design to Burpple. Come on guys…
  • Singapore’s I2R developed a teleconferencing device. – Imagination to Reality(I2R) has developed a “attention-directed desktop telepresence robot”. For those of you who have watched The Big Bang Theory, this is pretty much Sheldon’s Virtual Presence Device. BUT REAL. There are some cool diagrams and pictures of the device in action in TechInAsia’s article so click the link in our show notes to check it out.
  • Telepathy One, Japan’s answer to Google Glass raised US$5M this week. – Telepathy One is not really a Google glass rival as it does not display information, rather it focuses on sharing what the user is viewing. Well, I guess you won’t have to worry about getting the spaced out look that is being associated with Google Glass if you use this.

Funding News

  1. PicCollage (Taiwan) – USD $2.3M seed funding
  2. Taggo announced Series A round led by Jungle Ventures
  3. Kamcord receives US#1M in funding from tensent and Innovation Works. – “An iOS SDK which allows users to record and share actual videos of their mobile game plays, has just announced that it has surpassed one billion recordings.”
  4. LoanGarage closes 6-digit Pre-Series A round, hires experienced CTO.

Topic of the Week – Innovation vs Apps

We discuss…
why instagram and not hyperloops
Ubuntu Edge

SME Tip of the Week

Max Talent
– Send employees – must be hire within the last 3 Months
– Hire Employees!
Red Dot Venture – Technopreneurship

App of the week

Sleepbot – SleepBot, the critically acclaimed sleep cycle tracker and smart alarm.
Trouble sleeping, this is for you.


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10-We are live

We are doing this show live.
Watch our live telecast here



SME Tips

App of the week

  • Cal – new calander app by the makers of anydo



Chris Cai – @anttyc Bryan Lee – @leetucksing

09-Wine And Dine

This week, we have a special guest with us. She is Lijiuan. She is an experienced lady from the F&B industry especially for wines. We listen to her problems in the space and see how Tech can help her solved her problem.
for those thinking of venturing your startup into the wine space, this is 30 mins well spent.


wine app needs to be localised

  • More than 2000 wines apps on app store, but no one is having a stronghold.
  • Wine Pairing App by NTUC – find out how you can pair fried kway teow with wine


  • PIC – everyone knows that SME can claim for automation / IT devices… but there are still many things you can claim for …
  • Startup Claim for Cash – feel free to tweet me if you have any questions, I just did my claims for my startup

Startup of the week

Singapore’s Protag to launch Indiegogo campaign for anti-loss device – loss ur stuff?


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08-CTO Really

This is a super short week! So if you have taken 3 days of leave starting last friday, you would be enjoying a super long 10 days of holiday. But… that’s usually for those working in the corporate work. In the startup world, you are always working/selling.
We apologised for the late entry the week. Some technical issues came up and we doing our podcast this week at NUS Radio Pulze Thank you so much!
Also another great news, our podcast is now on iTunes! so please do support us and give us feedback. I also shared a post on how I build the launchbyte podcasting service

So this week in news

Topic of the week – CTO Really?

Startup founders, do we really need a CTO? or are you just looking for a developer? Could CTO be just a nicer name that you have your friend who knows tech work for you “free”?

App of the week – DOTs

This app is driving me crazy, it’s a free game and it’s really really addictive. Great if you are puzzles. Try beating yourself, or us. We have a high score as of writing 230.


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