07-back it up

This week we start with our podcast with some awesome news coming out from our local tech scene.

Start ups in Asia

  1. YFind Acquisition – YFind is SIngapore’s 7th tech exit this year. Who is buying what? link
  2. Could Indoor GPS be an untapped market?
  3. RedMart series A funding – link

We tend to always say Singapore is too small a market – But it is a market we have intimate knowledge of and should aim to capture before expanding outwards – I think Singapore is unique in that we are a good test bed of early adopters and a clear audience to focus on.

Related: Why Aren’t many going for the Billion-Dollar Ideas in Singapore link

  1. Management and IT Security lapses found at several Singapore Government Agencies – link
  2. Ease Foreign labor restrictions and support crowdfunding – link

Back it Up!

Which of the following services do you use?
1. dropbox
2. google drive
3. sky drive
Bryan uses all three, while dropbox is the killer for Chris.


Chris Cai – @anttyc Bryan Lee – @leetucksing

06-build your own house

In this episode, Bryan shared his experinece on building his own blog and why anyone if possible should build your own space on the internet. While Chris shared his thoughts on startup outsourcing.

  1. Writing on medium: why is it bad link
    > If you’re writing on Medium, you should be doing it either because you A. Want to share something to as large an audience as possible, or B. you want your writing to gain exposure. Medium isn’t about ‘professional writers’, in the same way Twitter was never about the ideas of celebrities and CEOs. It’s a simple system for enabling communication in medium-length format.
  2. Startup Outsourcing link
    > Startups never should outsource their main advantage or the skill required to win in the market. If a team of founders believes product design will revolutionize mobile social networking, the team would blunder to outsource that design. Instead, the startup must cultivate a team to master that discipline.
  3. Do Things That Do Not Scale link
    We had a great discussion and this podcast ran slightly long.


Chris Cai – @anttyc Bryan Lee – @leetucksing

05-Opening Music

opening music

A big thank you to all the staff from Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC). Bryan’s had to go for her Cataract ops, in this podcast he share how he survived the week, handling the business operations, looking after his and worrying about the medical costs.


what’s a good web development language for starter?
We discussed about nodejs and rails. But Bryan ended up with Sinatra. Another awesome framework, that is simple and quick, kinda of an equivalent of express.js. Chris shared about his gripe with web apps.

startup gossip

where we discuss tech & startup articles
1.“Investable” vs “Employable”– if you are an angel investor which kind of startup founder would you invest in?
2.Bill-E – Bill-E, winner of startup weekend Jakarta – a simple receipt capture app, why won’t evernote or google make one?
Some useful expenses app discussed


why iOS is the best for starter to get into mobile development and programming

  1. ignore frontend – with Storyboards
  2. ignore backend – with Parse
  3. focus on code – learn from many tutorials
  4. impress girls – very much possible
  5. an app in 30days – checked
  6. iOS Libraries – steal from others

and on the topic of iOS, Chris shared his thoughts about the common mistake starter make in development. topic in discussion-Mistakes Clients make when building their app

free app, must download if you love text editor – used to be $4.99US now free

Day One – why Bryan might leave Evernote for Day Oneand this app is also killing it for Chris.

Startup/app of the week – blogwith.co

Do support our dear friend @athanhcong with his Evernote Devcup project.
Blogwith – makes blogging from evernote possible, no more copy and paste from evernote to your blog editor or use any relay services. Just sync from evernote and the post is right there (jekyll, tumblr , wordpress)
currently jekyll is up and tumblr is wip – do check it out


Chris Cai – @anttyc Bryan Lee – @leetucksing

04-Confused Developer

Google Reader dead, really?

Here are some of the alternatives we are using

  1. feedly
  2. digg reader

But if you are the kind of guy, who hates being tied to a particular platform – this is for you.
Go Read works and act exactly like Google Reader yet you own all the data.

nodejs or rails

I’m looking to learn web development, after researching around, I narrowed down to rails and nodejs but which is the better one for starter like me? Below are some of the references we used in our discussions.

Ruby-On-Rails References

  1. What is Rails
  2. Rails Tutorials
  3. Rails Cast
  4. What is Ruby then?

Nodejs References

  1. What is nodejs
  2. Should I be learning nodejs
  3. JavaScript Tutorials
  4. or looking for something like “Learn JavaScript The Hard Way

Startup of The Week



Viddsee is an online social platform for people to find, share and talk about South East Asian Short films. Jian and Derek are the most passionate local film makers who have spent a significant part of their lives learning and making short films and last year they decided to take the step to build a platform to reach out to like minded people. They have been actively promoting themselves and partnered with short film festivals to showcase and promote film makers in Singapore and her neighbours. Check them out at viddsee.com and watch good films!


Chris Cai – @anttyc Bryan Lee – @leetucksing