41 Kar.ma Coffee, How S-Hook Lorine goes Viral

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 41 episode of Nightly. In this episode , I shared about an interesting coffee place I found in Nepal; Kar.ma Coffee – where you can pay for any price you deem a for decent long black. Also recently read a book about manipulating media, just nice the we have the incident on S-Hook Lorine goes Viral. One of the chapter closely relates to this.

Book on media: Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator

Analysis on S-Hook Lorine goes viral 

40 Travel Log: Nepal

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 40 episode of Nightly. My name is Bossle and I am your host. This episode is very different then the usual. This week I am in Nepal working. This is my first travel to Nepal so I am logging down this experience in audio. It will be very relevant to you if you are traveling to Nepal the first time. The things to prepare especially at the custom and the preparation for travel Visa and currency exchange.

39 Day 5 No Coffee, Nas Daily

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 39 episode of Nightly. My name is Bossle and I am your host. A Nightly Show is a show about life after work and building a business on the side to get out of the rat race. Today I’m talking about no coffee for 5 days and thoughts about Nas Daily.

38 Coffee Detox, Leave a message

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 38 episode of Nightly. My name is bosslee and I am your host. Today we talk about Coffee Detox and my passion for voice as a medium. Plus thank you so much for listening.

LB72 A new talk show format

Hello everyone! Welcome to Launchbyte.

Today we are trying out something different 🙂 we are having a mini talk show format and we have two good friends with us. Weileen and Cheng.

The topic we are taking about: Gaming and Price anchoring.

Links we discussed on the show:
– www.esportsearnings.com/games
– www.cnbc.com/2018/08/23/fortnite-revenue-twitch-youtube-gaming-money.html
– vulcanpost.com/636880/singapore-esports-team-flash-fifa-gold-medal/

37 Feeling Lazy

Hello everyone! Welcome to episode 37 of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. Maybe this vacation is too long because instead of feeling refresh I am starting to feel lazy. It is like breaking a habit. If you have not taken leave for a long time, this is the exact kind of feeling. You go to work everyday, suddenly you are told to take a rest and you realised you have no idea of what to do. Another thing that I shared in this episode is the unexpected thing that happened. Each time I plan to startup something, I will be thrown a lemon.

36 Preventing Burnout

Hello everyone! My name is Bosslee and I am your host.
I’m on leave these two days! Taking sometime off to think about the future and also preventing burnout from work

Sometimes you wonder why is it not you

Writing this during my commuting to work. It’s 9:38 and I’m late for a call. But it does not matter because today I have plans to tell my boss I’m leaving. It’s not an easy conversation because I’m not leaving because of money, manager issues of such. It’s more of I’m looking to explore back in the startup scene.

As I’m trying to distract myself about the conversation I’m going to have later on. I’m was scrolling Facebook and I caught this article.

S’porean designer’s S$7 Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop key chains super popular worldwide

I first saw these keychain in the Adobe Spark Facebook I’m in. A group where we share tips on how to use Adobe mobile apps to create videos and all. I thought it was a pretty neat idea. And of course, shortly after these keychains went viral and its selling super well now.

Reading this, I start to think how come I’m not able to come up with something of the same. It’s a simple idea and now this designer is able to leverage on this publicity and start working / designing on more products to sell.

However at the same time, I’m also thinking. Maybe he have tried a lot times, maybe a lot a lot a lot of times and the times he failed, we are not aware.

Why did this thought got trigger, because we created a short video last for @123Superherbs and suddenly it went viral. It got 62 shares and 5k views on Facebook. Not a big thing when you look at videos from big media but for us, it is a big thing. This is the N video that we have created and the one we have least expectations. So keep testing and trying is the motivation reason I give myself.

I’m always thinking that I can start a business on the side before jumping 100% into an idea. Till now I have yet to achieve that. I have fellow colleagues who are FBA sellers and are doing pretty well. I’m guessing a bit longer they are able to replace their income with the side business and soon leave the job. About 15 months into my full time job, I never got to do it successfully.

I just missed my station at Outram because I got too engrossed in ✍️

So looking to resigned today is a big thing for me, because I have no plans moving forward. I’m have a duty to support my family. I will have no income. But I will have time, time to focus. I just need to make sure I do not allow this time to go to waste.

*if you are running your own business, I love to hear about it. How did you make the jump? How did you make sure you have reduced your risk? *

35 Good partners are hard to find

Hello everyone! Welcome to episode 35 of Nightly. Nightly is a show that documents about the life after work and me sharing the journey of building a business on the side. Friends like to call me bosslee.

Good partners are hard to find

A fellow colleague had a last day yesterday, very sad that she left. We work super well together. So like to put it out here that it is not easy to find talented, trust worthy and like minded individual. It was amazing working with her and I wish her all the best for the next challenge.

Crushing it

Listened to the audiobook titled “Crushing it” by Gray Vee. To me this is a bit like self-help book. Because there are lots of motivation porn in it, but it does kickstart my internal fire and I started to be more active on social media promoting my personal brand.

One big problem I have is getting started because I think a lot. I think if I should be posting on WordPress or Squarespace. Should I have my own personal Facebook page? How about creating different accounts for different topics. Looking at my problem I understand that my main problem is that I do not know what to do and the best course of action to document all the things I want to try and let it connect. The next best thing I need to do is consistency. For example: 123superherbs.com is a site I started last year that talks about healthy chinese soup recipes. For 10 months, I have a video each week. However I stop in the holiday period and also due to work. That was a bad decision because the site is still bringing traffic and I am sure there can be a business around it.

So next step, take action.

If you are a Facebook person, you can follow my progress here

Looking forward to share more stuff with you all

34 Taking time for granted

Welcome to episode 34 of Nightly! It’s been two weeks since my last recording.

In this episode, I talked about my tattoo. The Thai lesson that I had and the final exam itself. Plus I discussed about how I took time for granted and I am going to keep time tightly on my hands.